Our RPO services offer high quality-cost effective work with superior results enabling our customers concentrate on their core business functions. SystemGuru’s RPO services work efficiently behind the scenes, assisting customers get accustomed and be able to respond effectively to the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Our groundbreaking solutions for effective hiring further helps transform businesses by reducing recruitment cost and time.


SystemGuru RPO leads with experienced industry practitioners to offer our clients a unique combination of recruitment services. We have more than a decade of experience in workforce solutions and have helped clients of all sizes optimize their recruiting strategies.

  • Cost savings – RPO is cost-efficient, saving up to 50% when compared with contingency search fees.
  • Extra resources - Some corporate human resources departments do not have the internal resources to devote to recruiting large numbers of employees at one time. When hiring needs outpace recruiting capacity, RPO can make sense for a company.
  • Focus– -This allows the company’s managers and human resources staff to focus their efforts on the company’s core business while also ensuring a supply of high-quality staff members for all positions.
  • Access to industry best practices – RPO firms are in the business of recruiting. Accordingly, they have certain tools and processes that many companies may not have.
  • "You need the talent, you are having a real tough time, and you don’t want to build the infrastructure and have liabilities – RPO is the way to go"
  • Diverse candidates – An ancillary benefit of RPO is that it aids in accomplishing diversity objectives

"You need the talent, you are having a real tough time, and you don’t want to build the infrastructure and have liabilities – RPO is the way to go"

SystemGuru’s unique well-defined RPO facilitates low-risk and high-return results and will provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Focus on the core business functions
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved quality of the recruiting process
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Access to "Best in Class" Expertise & Technology
  • Access to a large pool of candidate profile database
  • Regular status reporting
  • Candidate quality and skill check prior to conducting the interview
  • 24×7 recruitment support
  • Access to all major job boards
  • Availability

What can our RPO Solutions do for your company?

  • Reduce hiring costs.
  • Mitigate high turnover.
  • Build a specialized candidate pool that’s ready when you need it.
  • Increase hiring manager satisfaction with quality and quantity of candidates.
  • Design and execute recruitment strategies that achieve quantifiable results for organizations.

SystemGuru has over a decade of experience in providing contingent workforce management services and exceeding client expectations through highly effective processes for recruiting, screening, testing, and consultant management. Many of our clients regularly seek our advice when making changes to their internal IT staffing and vendor management programs. Over the years, we have formulated strategies and processes to mature into one of the strongest in the nation.

Strong Sourcing Engine

Candidate sourcing and recruiting is the heart of SystemGuru’s contingent workforce management and we take pride that over the years, we have implemented industry best practices in our recruiting engine – enabling us to exceed performance metrics in the staffing industry.

Demonstrated Success with Large Clients

SystemGuru’s business model for our contingent workforce management business is built on strategic partnerships with large clients and focuses on becoming the top performing staffing supplier for each of these clients. For all our clients, SystemGuru’s contingent workforce management services range from filling single position contract job postings to staffing large teams for client projects that are either client managed or SystemGuru managed, and also filling permanent job positions through our sister organization.

Our Clients